Eliminate huge IT expenses, keep your budget simple, and claim great tax benefits by leasing hardware on a monthly basis.

Buying new computers and other IT equipment is a big expense for any business – and it’s made all the worse when you just have to replace that equipment in a year because it’s gone buggy and obsolete.

hardware as a serviceStop wasting your IT budget on expensive equipment you have to maintain and replace at additional costs down the road. Instead, switch to Hardware as a Service from VCloud9 and lease your equipment from us. Suddenly you’re paying operating expenses and claiming great benefits on your taxes. It’s the future of business IT:

  • Avoid upfront costs of expensive technology and just pay a predictable flat-rate monthly fee for ALL equipment costs.
  • Hardware replaced as it ages at no extra cost, ensuring you always use only the best IT
  • No extra costs for setup, configuration, maintenance, repairs, or replacements.
  • Allow the costs of IT equipment and many related maintenance and management services to qualify as operating expenses instead of capital expenses, which gives you great tax advantages.
  • Rely on VCloud9 to cover all operating systems, software, and warranty services for all equipment, including:
    • Servers
    • Firewalls
    • Desktops
    • Laptops
    • Switches
    • Routers
    • And more

We love talking to the VCloud9 team. Every time we do we learn something new. They’re super professional, pleasant people to work with and they inspire confidence in our team because they get things done quickly, efficiently, and they make sure we’re comfortable with our various IT support needs."

Marco Gonzalez, CEO, GDI

Don’t fear Information Technology – make its power work for YOU. Trust in VCloud9 to help you find the right IT to empower your business and make getting work done easier than ever before.

Contact us at (844) 9VCLOUD or info@vcloud9.com to find out how simple the right IT strategy can be.

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